Multi Sports

We support multi sports athletes. We strongly believe that giving children and youth an opportunity to play different sports in different sports seasons will develop their skills throughout the whole year and make them ready to choose one sport to be specialized

Our Philosophy

7 out of 10 kids will stop doing sports before 13 years old. The main reason, they say, it’s because it’s not fun! Our philosophy is simple, LET THEM PLAY AND HAVE FUN! It’s our goal encourage children to be positive, creative and happy in classes and life.

Methodology / Sports Science

The BeArena method was developed by experts from different sports areas, specifically for each of the sports that will be offered. It is a plan of development for children and youth, respecting their different maturational stages to reach their maximum potential in sports.


Our GOAL is coaching, encouraging and developing local sports practice through joy, commitment, cooperation, creativity and motivation. We bring a unique, modern and distinctive identity, respecting our athletes and taking into consideration the local sports environment.


Why Choose Us?

Our school aims to positively influence children and adolescents by contributing to their development and so, to the formation of responsible citizens.

What’s FUTSAL?

Futsal is an exciting, fast-paced small side football game that is widely played across the world and is officially recognised by both UEFA and FIFA.

The country of football

Historically, Brazil is well known for being the “country of football” and for developing some of the best players of all time.