Be arena is a project of multi-sports schools created by a Brazilian group of investors and coaches who dream of changing the world through sports. We have developed a multi-sport school that encourages children and youth to practice different types of activities throughout the year with a positive mindset in a welcoming environment that promotes fun and self-development. BE ARENA shares the view of Paulo Freire (1921 – 1997), a Brazilian educator who believed the learning process between coach and player should exist as a dynamic and continual exchange.

Our schools welcome all children and youth free from prejudice and judgment. It’s our goal to promote a constructive view of collaboration and sense of community while respecting the local sports culture and partnering with institutions that are in line with our philosophy.  BE ARENA is based on a global method of teaching and learning by providing a setting where children and youth are engaged in real game situations and encouraging them to reach their potential through developingtechnical, tactical, motor and cognitive skills. Our coaches will inspire curiosityteaching them how to be creative and thoughtful while learning new skills that enable them to face challenges through the relationships and the experiences developed in classes. 

In doing so we offer different programs for all levels of players. We are confident that beside the fun and recreational aspects of our training sessions, BE ARENA will be a resource for players looking to increase motor, intellectual and emotional skills as well as expanding the range of opportunities for those who aspire to play in college or professional leagues in the future.

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