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Be Arena is a project for sports schools that includes quality managerial aspects, social programs for a local community and sports training. Our school aims to positively influence children and adolescents by contributing to their development and so, to the formation of responsible citizens.

This project is subdivided into four major groups in order to fully and systematically meets all the aspects that could possibly contemplate a sport school. Considering the basic nucleus of any sport and the transversal characteristics of them, we consider the following FOUR FUNDAMENTAL aspects for the good performance of the school:


  • MANAGEMENT – The initial focus on market research contemplating aspects of the internal and external environment will provide the construction of a sustainable environment in which risks will be minimized and actions will be collectively defined for all segments of the organization. In addition, focus on the operational aspects will emphasize each person as a key part of the project growth process and for this, professional profiles will be defined according to what we believe to deliver an operation of excellence in each activity and proposed action. We also intend to remit the strategic assessments for any adjustment throughout the process, seeking to monitor the actions of teachers, students and parents through indicators and evaluation methods that will enable us to know if the operation is being well executed in all aspects of the program.


  • COACHING – The pedagogy model adopted by us for educational purpose was the constructivist pedagogy, where we take into account the previous experiences and the knowledge already assimilated by the student; where the construction of knowledge happens dynamically, together with the educator. We also highlight some basic principles that we will adopt thinking about the learning relations established between teacher and student:
    • The teacher is not a just transmitter of information but an enabler and conductor guiding the learning process.
    • Guided discovery as didactic north
    • The heart of the learning process is the student
    • The student in constant search for answers
    • Active participation in their own learning
    • The levels of maturity, development and knowledge of each student must be respect
    • Knowledge is gradually being built. A new knowledge or concept is learned from previous knowledge and concepts


It is part of a pedagogy plan a continuing education program for coaches and managers with the purpose of keeping the good employees and having them motivated by a constant development of their skills. A realistic and solid career plan is also extremely important for all employees as when in place can serve as a reliable roadmap. In a relationship between company and staff walking in a progress path together, building a great environment for all and setting the goals for the future.


  • SOCIAL PROGRAMS – The Be Arena company aims to respect the local community. Not only respect, but also interact, integrate and add values to it. We intend to incorporate social projects at the base of our school. A program to support needy families should be planned and put into practice. We will also adopt a charity of heart, helping out where we can by giving operational and financial support. Based on the life skills proposed by WHO, we intend to incorporate not only into our methodology but in the whole project values to be worked by coaches and athletes. We commit to be a plural and free of prejudice school where everyone is accepted and welcomed.


  • METHODOLOGY – Organizational elements were designed to assist the teaching-learning process focused exclusively on the student progress. For this, we direct the didactic aspects according to the different categories and organize the soccer methodological contents by age groups in different programs respecting the whole process of learning and developing. As far as physical development is concerned, our proposal is to think of the human wellbeing before thinking of theories. It’s important to understand that we all have our biological, natural time of development, and we cannot assume that all people will develop in the same way. It is, above all, to think of the individual as a whole, complex and shaped by the environment that is inserted. The goal is to respect all the developmental factors of children and teenagers, strengthening their own evolution from a sports practice that established principles and consistent methodological guidelines with a systemic approach taking into consideration physically, socially and psychological aspects of a human being.

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